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We are excited to announce that filming has begun!

What is ParTea Talk

ParTea Talk is a platform for event professionals to share their views on all things event related.  The pre-recorded broadcast hosted by Natasha Bolden, CEO of Phenomenal Events, a full-service event management firm and founder of Phenomenal Events University (PEU), will include a panel of Event industry professionals discussing various topics and sharing their personal view and professional expertise (The Tea) on event related topics and questions.  The broadcast also features special guest appearances and Q&A sessions.


ParTea Talk Hosts

The ParTea Talk production team has solicited, interviewed, and selected a panel of energetic and engaging event enthusiasts to serve as co-hosts alongside Natasha Bolden, 30+ year event professional veteran, mentor, coach, and industry educator.  This unique collective of personalities, will come together to share, debate, and discuss their perspectives on event etiquette, tradition, latest event trends and professional standards.  Each broadcast is professionally edited and shared via varying media outlets in hopes that clients of the industry, aspiring event enthusiasts as well as seasoned event professionals will gain added insight and broader understanding behind the drapes of professional event service.


ParTea Talk Participants and Audience

The ParTea Talk community includes a panel of event industry professionals, clients of the industry, special guests, professional event stylists and designers, aspiring event industry enthusiasts, and a host of phenomenal viewers.


How to participate in ParTea Talk…

There are several ways to actively join the ParTea Talk community:


ParTea Talk Guest Host

If you are an events industry professional that would love to share your perspective on event etiquette, tradition, latest event trends and professional standards you would be a perfect panelist for ParTea Talk!  As a leader in the events industry, we have an obligation to share our expertise with the events community and potential clients of the industry.  What better way to do it!  Each broadcast is professionally edited and can be shared with your clients and aspiring event enthusiasts to help them gain a broader understanding of how the events industry provides service to the public.   Come sip tea with Natasha. Click here to apply to be a Guest Co-host



ParTea Talk set designer

Each broadcast features a professional event stylist/designer. The featured stylist will have an opportunity to design the ParTea Talk set and will have a featured spotlight to share the details of their design and information about their event business.  This is a great opportunity to have your work seen by various audiences on a host of platforms.  Click here to express your interest.